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Welcome to Cardinal Rule Catering

About our History

Formed from a passion of spending time with family and friends Cardinal Rule Catering was developed to carry the joy on to other family's and friends on all occasions. The joy of cooking and creating food that leaves just as many memories as the moments spent is the reason the Cardinal Rule Catering family was created.

Catering weddings, parties, work events or just a reason to get together we will deliver great food - from fine dining to a simple picnic lunch. From custom menus and plating options to staffing, Cardinal Rule Catering will help handle every detail of your catering experience and deliver an amazing meal your guests will never forget.

Offering buffet style catering or a more personalized approach with full service, are just a couple of the ways we offer ambiance along with delicious plates of food.

With great food and atmosphere our teams hopes to help create a place for family and friends to make memories and share stories over a great meal that makes them feel close to home.

Client Testimonials

What Our Customers Say

We did a family reunion. It was Awesome. Nothing better than having a hot fresh food in your backyard.

Loved the Brisket Tacos, and Beans and Rice!!! The Horseradish Sour Cream was Delish too!!!! Shaun's Food is Amazing!!!! Also, Roasted Chicken was very Moist and Tasty!!!

The smoked meatloaf was amazing! Can't wait to try again! Would recommend this to anyone!

I would highly recommend Cardinal Rule Catering for your next event. Shaun can personalize a menu specific to your event. Their pricing is very competitive if not lower than other offerings, but the quality and taste is far superior. Trust me, give Cardinal Rule an opportunity to serve your next event... you won't be disappointed.